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Deinonychus and Arm-Folding

I've recently put some work into studying the available literature in an attempt to best reconstruct a "resting" position for the arms of larger dromaeosaurs.

Deinonychus was my go-to as a standard mid-sized non-volant dromaeosaur, so I took it as an excuse to reconstruct this animal in a "field guide" style pose as accurately as possible.

Deinonychus: still the coolest dromaeosaur.


Changyuraptor yangi

Changyuraptor is a new genus of microraptorine theropod from the early Cretaceous Yixian formation of Liaoning, China. This animal was similar to the more well-known and smaller Microraptor, with long pennaceous feathers on its metatarsalsand a long set of asymetric retrices. The especially long tail feathers of this animal and comparitively largesize make it a unique and unusual dromaeosaur dinosaur. Read more about this fascinating dinosaur under the illustration.

Full description is published in July 2014 Nature Communications.


New Photography

Happy 2014! I'm bringing in the new year by sharing some of my favorite recent bird photographs from my holiday trip to the Tallahassee area of Florida (and a few closer to home). Check out the (currently) top two rows of my Photography gallery for the new additions.

For anyone curious, the relative lack of recent additions to the paleoart or bird artwork galleries is due to my current involvement on a very large museum project. The project will be under wraps for the next few months, so please stay tuned!