Jehol mural

Feathered Dinosaurs and Birds of the Early Cretaceous (126 MYA), Jehol Biota of China

This digital mural was commissioned by the University of Minnesota's Bell Museum for a new exhibit called "Seeing Birds." It depicts a scene from the Early Cretaceous of Liaoning, China. In the foreground, the midsized dromaeosaurid Tianyuraptor hunts with its chicks, while Sinosauropteryx eats a dragonfly nearby. Above their heads are the small dromaeosaurid Microraptor and a pair of Confuciusornis, while the small pterosaur Ningchengopterus sweeps in from the left to grab the fish Lycoptera. A herd of the giant sauropod Dongbeititan moves through the forest in the background. Around them grow ferns, horsetails, Ginkgo apodes, and Leefructus.