Vectidromeus pair

Illustration of a newly-described hypsilophodont dinosaur from the Isle of Wight: Vectidromeus insularis!

Vectidromeus means "Isle of Wight runner”, and the new genus is known from a partial skeleton belonging to a juvenile individual. This hypsilophodontid ornithopod dinosaur hails from the Early Cretaceous Wessex Formation of England, which dates from the Berriasian to Barremian stages of the Early Cretaceous (~140–125 million years ago). The holotype individual was very small—about the size of a house cat—and is depicted here alongside its contemporaries including the mammal Eobaatar and its spider quarry, Cretamygale, and the tiny parasitic wasp Embolemopsis. Flora depicted includes cheirolepidacid conifers, horsetails, and xerophytic ferns, all of which are known from the Wessex.

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