Big Five Personality Aspects

Welcome to the Big Five Aspect Scale personality survey! This questionnaire is targeted at understanding the structure and individual differences in stable personality dimensions and their representation in brain and behavior.

This scale is based on the well-known Big Five (or “OCEAN”) personality taxonomy, with its five dimensions of personality variation:

The Big Five Aspect Scale was developed by personality psychologist Colin DeYoung at the University of Minnesota. This model seeks to explain personality variation in more detail by breaking down each of the five factors into two lower-level “aspects” which, though typically correlated with one another, can vary independently:

After you complete the survey, you will be shown your scores on each factor and aspect relative to population averages along with descriptions of what they mean. These descriptions largely represent the proposed cybernetic function of personality variation, which views dimensions of personality in terms of their biological underpinnings and the characteristic adaptations and expressions they give rise to. This feedback is intended only for personal interest and is not intended for diagnostic or psychiatric use.

For more detail on the Big Five Aspects and their cybernetic functions, see:

DeYoung, C. G., Quilty, L. C., & Peterson, J. B. (2007). Between facets and domains: 10 Aspects of the Big Five. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology93, 880–896. [PDF]

This survey consists of 100 items and will take most people around 20 minutes to complete. You must respond to all 100 items in order to receive a score report.

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