Tools & Software

Wikipedia tools

Citation Needed — This webtool converts an APA formatted citation (book or journal article) to the citation format used at Wikipedia.

BibTex to Wikipedia citation converter — an R script that converts a BibTex-formatted LaTeX citation to the Wikipedia citation format.

Web scraping tutorial — Scrape data from any range of Wikipedia pages and collect the desired information in a data frame. Example uses temporal ranges of dinosaurs from the infobox (or just use the function by calling the source from here).

Psychology tools

The Big Five Aspect Scale survey — Take the Big Five Aspects personality survey and see how your scores compare to population distributions. This is a variant of the traditional Big Five personality taxonomy (Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism) that distinguishes two lower-order Aspects of each factor (DeYoung et al. 2007).

Big Five Aspect Scale R script — If you want to develop your own BFAS project, you can run this R script on your data file and print a pretty PDF. Works for both Google Forms and Qualtrics data output CSVs.

Diffusion model plots — Import reaction time data, calculate EZ diffusion parameters, plot and even animate the results. Try it with sample starting values!