Tools & Software

Wikipedia tools

Citation Needed — This webtool converts an APA formatted citation (book or journal article) to the citation format used at Wikipedia.

BibTex to Wikipedia citation converter — an R script that converts a BibTex-formatted LaTeX citation to the Wikipedia citation format.

Web scraping tutorial — Scrape data from any range of Wikipedia pages and collect the desired information in a data frame. Example uses temporal ranges of dinosaurs from the infobox (or just use the function by calling the source from here).

Psychology tools

The Big Five Aspect Scale survey — Take the Big Five Aspects personality survey and see how your scores compare to population distributions. This is a variant of the traditional Big Five personality taxonomy (Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism) that distinguishes two lower-order Aspects of each factor (DeYoung et al. 2007).

Big Five Aspect Scale R script — If you want to develop your own BFAS project, you can run this R script on your data file and print a pretty PDF. Works for both Google Forms and Qualtrics data output CSVs.

Diffusion model plots — Import reaction time data, calculate EZ diffusion parameters, plot and even animate the results. Try it with sample starting values!


ISIR 2022 talk: Biological annotation in a genome-wide association study of quantitative ability. Talk presented by Emily Willoughby at the 2022 Vienna conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research.

BGA 2019 talk: A longitudinal study of cognitive ability in adult adoptive families. My talk (screen recording + voiceover) for the 2019 Behavior Genetics Association meeting in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dissertation defense: Tracing causes and consequences of human intelligence through genetic and cognitive data. Emily Willoughby's Ph.D. dissertation defense for the University of Minnesota Psychology Department, January 12, 2021.

Synapse animation: Animated version of a figure I created for Lee et al., 2018, showing the role of gene products involved in neurotransmitter and vesicle machinery.

The science and art of paleontological illustration: Talk given for the Rochester Academy of Science by Dr. Emily Willoughby, February 2, 2021.

God, human reason and the origin of birds: Talk given for the College of Charleston's Darwin Day Event, February 12, 2015, on the content explored in my first book, God's Word or Human Reason?

Velociraptor painting time lapse: Promotional video showing the time-lapsed gouache painting process for a new piece that will be featured in my paleoart book, Drawing and Painting Dinosaurs, released by Crowood Press in late October 2021. Velociraptor mother shields her nestlings from an approaching sandstorm.